Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Akkar hike

Short hike in northern Lebanon, starting at a dam, with an unfortunate layer of trash strewn about. Lovely views otherwise.

Then a classic, yummy mezze lunch at the foot of a waterfall. Here is T making his way across a very rickety bridge in front of the falls.

And the restaurant

And we had the remarkable treat of seeing brand new baby goats

Birthday weekend in Istanbul

Wonderful time in Istanbul!
Tim and Cathy flew a bazillion hours from Johannesburg and we a mere two, to meet in Istanbul for their 60th birthday. It was the first birthday they'd spent together since they were 27.

Here we are having lunch along the Bosphorus.

And above, strolling by the magnificent Aya Sophia

And inside Aya Sophia

And Topkapi Palace

Bye! Hate to leave--can we come back next weekend??