Saturday, August 11, 2012

National pride--gotta love it

Following Azerbaijan's winning two gold medals in wrestling, their sixth medal earned in the sport this Olympics, a group of cars drove through downtown and up and down the Bulvar, honking, guys leaning out windows and sunroofs waving Azerbaijan flags, yelling joyfully.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

USA list

Experience America
  • go camping in an RV--Check
  • toast marshmallow over campire--Check
  • hike in forest--Check
  • have breakfast at Denny's--Check
  • have chocolate milkshake at In-and-Out--Check and Check
  • visit Farmer's Market--check
  • try fried pickles and soft pretzels with mustard, at a local brew pub--Check
  • spend hours in car--Check
  • shop at Trader Joe's--Check X 3
  • shop at Ross--Check X 3
  • visit COSTCO--Check
  • see US medical care in action--Check 
  • eat great Mexican food--Check
  • eat great Thai food--Check
  • try Pabst Blue Ribbon--Check (blah!)
  • gain weight--Check 
  • go to movies--Check (IMAX Batman at Universal City in Hollywood!)

K and LB, outside Kaiser hospital

San Francisco airport

Boyskis atop rock water slide

Moore men study map
Espresso anyone?

B and C and old sequoia

Walking atop recently fallen 300 foot giant sequoia (German tourist saw it fall:

Kern River