Tuesday, May 30, 2017

C's grad

We flew to New York for a ridiculous 4 days, to attend C's graduation from Medical School.  Amazing achievements that boy worked long and hard for!  Medical doctor and Masters in Public Health all in four years, and with the added recognition of the Cor et Manus Award for "excellence in leadership and community service".  Where he and his diplomat brother, these bright, overachieving men, came from I know not.  Well I do but can't believe they are ours.

There were two ceremonies, first the "hooding" for the school of medicine, held near New York Medical College.  Here are C and the lovely Miss L getting ready

Proud parents
More proud parents

And the hoods, C modelling two, count 'em two,  hoods, one for the Master's in Pubic Health

L had dreamed of becoming a doctor from a very young age, so it was a particularly poignant time for her. Here is the early Dr. L in action.
On to Carnegie Hall for the actual Commencement

After the ceremony

Dinner after
C unknowingly made the cover of a medical journal
Hard to believe, but they closed on a dream house the very same day

One last Penang waltz

We attended our last ball in Penang--and possibly ever--is it done in the US??
MaiBall, sponsored by the Malaysian-German Society  Fun!