Wednesday, July 3, 2013

European interlude--part two

La France! A short trip, to Lyon and Orange.
A few days exploring Lyon, city on the Rhone, famous for its silk weaving industry of yore.
a little of everything in Croix Rousse

So many cheeses, so little time
We had an apartment in the Croix Rousse area, former home to silk workers: few tourists and lots of charm
 T ready to descend steps to downtown Lyon

The lovely Rhone

 The basilica on a different hill above Lyon

Basilica tower stair well

Our Lyon city card gave us free access to museums and tours, inspiring us to try the basilica roof top tour...

view from the top

The Jacquard  loom was developed in Lyon and revolutionized the silk weaving industry. It used player-piano type coding on paper read by the machine, replacing complex thread counting by hand that had been used by the Chinese for centuries.

A city tour by river cruise, also thanks to the Lyon city card

T ready to board a funiculor in Lyon

K with chef in a Lyon "bouchon"

Veni, vidi, vici!

Roman theater
In Orange, Provence

Pastis hour

front of roman theater

Roman Arc de Triomphe, after which the ones in Rome and Paris were modeled. Top features a frieze depicting the slaughter leading to the "triumph", just to remind everyone passing through

windblown, in Provence

Driving along the gorgeous Gorges d'Ard├Ęche

6 speeds and a sunroof--yes!

more from the gorge

Provence blue

random Provence town shot

Au revoir France!
Next stop New York and Cammie!  (Turkish Airlines Lyon - Istanbul, 3 hours; Istanbul - NY, 10 hours)

European interlude

Bella Italia!
Just a week--starting with three days in Venezia

delivery boat

millefeuille glass

new toilet seat, anyone?

Up a hill, think human bird cage

And on to Umbria.   First stop; Gubbio

view from the top

 Then Perugia!
Sisters in gluttony, Perugia

Estruscan arch and walls

Those clever Etruscans (200 BC!)

So many elaborate churches

loved these round style stained glass

Memorable midday meal in Spoleto. No menu. Many courses. The lady cook at right urging, "Manga, manga!"

Tom, hanging out with his fellow hams

Above, in Norcia--the pork and truffle capital of Italy
Over the top Orvieto cathedral

 Umbria view, sigh

Tom and Margaret

Best coffee ever

Tom asked if they had some parmesan….

In Rome, very briefly, before flying out.
Arrivederci Italia!