Wednesday, June 17, 2015

fish heads, pork knuckles, 15 pounds of baklava and other wonders

A varied assortment of wonderments, largely local:

The very cool dusky leaf monkeys, seen on a regular walk up Pearl Hill

A close up courtesy of wikipedia:

We don't make it to the beach very often [mental head slap], though it's only steps away...  A sunset there

In the Never in America department: name of a very popular car made in Malaysia: Kancil.

And maybe this too?

Things you can buy in the supermarket:
Very popular among the Chinese crowd

And for the discerning (and non-Muslim) pallete, T sharing a pork knuckle:

And for people who think the above sounds truly horrid, a lovely vegetarian luncheon:

Tom's school staff party was held at the Peranakan mansion in historic Georgetown.  We got a tour.

The main entry way and dining area

former resident

K's milestone--2 perfect years of magical titanium body parts:

Tom's abiding love for.....ICED MILO continues

Tom has signed on for two more years, and we will stay, too, in this 20th floor apartment. 
From the [small] balcony:

Above, one of the cruise ships that regularly pass by.  Some of them are incredibly huge--some more than 2000 passengers I think.

We had another quick trip to Singapore for beer making supplies.  Our selections:

We saw a sign for the upcoming SEA games.  T asks how they can have badminton and gymnastics on the Sea?

Ah but he's still.......
Also seen in Singapore

And at the airport, your chance to stock up on Tiger Balm

It's just a short flight back

Meanwhile, back in Penang, a couple of cool trees

And, dare we say, cool ball-goers.  Well OK maybe not.  But dedicated, jitterbugging ball-goers! (the annual Mai Ball put on by the Malaysian-German Society and Alliance Francaise)

Le Bon Vivant apres ball

From a well-organized (if not super well attended) demonstration in support of Rohingyaand Bangladeshi refugees:

And K with Nepali student who's been living in a shelter for migrant workers:
And our little orange car, on an errand in Georgetown:

Looking forward BIG TIME to our upcoming trip to the US, most especially Ben and Sarah's wedding.  While we would probably consider going to any wedding offering 15 pounds of baklava, this is one we would not miss.