Friday, October 31, 2014

Singapore jaunt

A quick trip to Singapore began slooooooowly, starting with the city bus to "Jetty", then the ferry to the mainland, then an overnight train (~8 hours) to KL, which is only 342 km/212 miles away. We hit the ferry at sunset--mmmmmm...

The train had started in Bangkok.  It reached us (Butterworth) at 10 pm, and we climbed right into our sleepers, suitcases and all.

In the KL train station, fortunately plenty of time to find the train to Singapore, because this was not helpful
In due course we reached our destination
and stocked up on supplies.

Then K had her first trip to what she knew in the 1970s as Tiger Balm Gardens, now called Haw Par Villa.  A weirdly wonderful place.
Tiger Balm, anyone?

from a Chinese legend, something to do with a sore foot.  Maybe he needs someTiger Balm.

And then it was off to Sentosa Island for adventure.  Passing up Universal Studios (another trip!), we opted for the Luge, no doubt the oldest riders that day anyway. Fun!