Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas letter postscript

Soon after hitting "send" and sharing our three page Christmas greetings to half the world I realized I had left out something that really needed to be said:

We are so, so, so, so fortunate.

While grateful for an extraordinary quantity of blessings, and reasonably mindful of others' situations, we could do lots better on both counts.

Monday, December 14, 2015

More Miscellany

Showing holiday spirit in efficient fashion, green, red and blue lights here cover Diwali, Eid and Christmas.  Lots of putting up and taking down, or at least turning on and off, but economical.

Commuter backhoes are a fairly common sight, backing up traffic and alarming some of us in the rear view mirror.  We know they travel at least 7 miles one way, much of it on the shoulder-less two lane coastal road.


Oh ick!  Seen in Singapore store.
Need any ants?

We had terrible "haze" = smog for over a month, caused by burning of forests in Indonesia and also Malaysia, mainly to plant palm oil.  The intentional burning ignited peat, which makes a highly toxic, long-lasting burn.

Travel much? 

Christmas season activities:

At Mt Miriam cancer hospital.  This man has been on the hospice ward  for two years or more.  He cries with joy at the music....

Ending this with something lighter:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Singapore airport

Singapore’s airport, Changi, is often rated the best in the world and it’s no wonder. So many thoughtful and also fun features. Water fountains, internet and charging stations even inside the gates--and much more in the main on.  We have passed through several times,  most recently in October on our way back from Thailand.

Giant durian, anyone?
There are benches (not all as dramatic as this one).  We know airports where you can't find anywhere to sit.
There are a variety of shops and restaurants, not all with the predictable overpriced designer goods.   There are gardens.  Easy to find recharging places and more than one free internet spot.  Comfy seats to watch TV. Gaming stations--free. A movie theater--also free!

Care to watch the big game?