Sunday, August 31, 2014


Had a wonderful visit from three of T's brothers and retinue. First to arrive were Mac, Betsy and Nikki.  And first on the Must-Do list: Georgetown.

Street art

Mus-Do # 2 = Penang street food:
lunch: laksa (soup), nutmeg juice and po piah (egg rolls)

Brother Ben arrives

And Jack and bevy of lovely ladies arrive

More food...  Here are the brothers at a hawker stall (think food court)

and at Tom's school

and--huh?  what are they doing in the shower together

Must-Do #3  = Penang Hill:
Don't shoot!
Jack and Lee, swallowed

Later, we went for a drink at a bar on the beach and happened upon this scene:

With all the candles lit, we waited long minutes with growing trepidation for the bride to be... Perhaps she was only caught in the famous traffic of Saturday night Batu Feringgi, for she arrived, faced her kneeling suitor, and said yes.  All cheered.

High tea at the historic E & O Hotel was on the agenda
 And Mac fell in love with rambutans, the fabulous red spiky fruit from Thailand.

Soon after he left, we sent him this photo. Do you think it helped with the withdrawal symptoms?
Cousins :-) 

We took a jungle hike
one needs a fresh coconut after
Our last evening together, dinner on the beach at sunset

Had to get dessert!

Bye Moorenado! Loved having you here with us