Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kota Kinabalu kalled us

 Well, there were two weeks of school holidays, only one spoken for, and we had been to every Malaysian estate except Sabah, so....

Here is T, and the South China Sea

We saw an absolutely amazing sunset the first night we were there.

Other KK sights:

The charming Jesselton Hotel where we stayed
Hide your little girl's body (R) but tantalize us with form-fitting versions of black robes for women  (L)

seafood for sale at the market

water is good for you

The next day was our day to go look for Proboscis monkeys, so called because of their remarkable noses.  Here's a professional photo so you can see:

Or perhaps:

Handsome fellow, no? In the wild, with our modest camera, we could never hope to get as close a photo.  But actually seeing them would be a thrill. We bought tickets to ride in a van to go nearly three hours outside the city to an area where we would then get on a boat, in hopes of spotting the monkeys.  It rained the whole day. T in his newly acquired rain slicker:

Here is a double-decker boat in the rain, one of the many boats people-filled boats looking for the monkeys.  And T on our boat:
It was nearly sunset, a good time for animals to feed, and we got lucky, spotting several high up in the trees. Can you spot them?

Our luck continued, as the second part of the tour was to see the small fireflies that travel in swarms along the riverbanks, sometimes.  Especially just after the rain, we learned. Here is a photo to help you imagine them :-)
Back in town, we had one more day to explore. So we walked and walked, up Signal Hill--here's a view of the city from the top
and down the other side, finding ourselves at a wetlands reserve.

Time to head back to Penang, with a one day turn around before our next big trip :-)

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