Saturday, April 22, 2017

Various items of March

Yoga at the Botanical Gardens has some interesting moments....Visited by flower-eating macaques!
Who knew. Guess they are yummy

Don't think you'd see this at the supermarket in the US ("Frozen Balls")
Highlight of the month!!!!!!!!  Cam and Lisa getting great residency placements
And our super special treat, 30th anniversary gift from the boys, two nights at Penang's venerable Eastern and Oriental Hotel. Staycation Sublime. 

Killer bathroom

Mode Relax

Nespresso on the balcony
Many famous persons (besides us) have stayed here over the years

Rita Hayworth

We had a great time walking around Georgetown at leisure, and taking in a guided walking tour.
Blue Mansion

A corner in Georgetown 

cruise ship in town

Nothing to be sad about!
Brekkie on the terrace  

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